2014 LightWeight BMW LW M4

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Titanium has special advantages in terms of weight, strength, and resistance to corrosion, which makes it an ideal choice for an exhaust system. Enter the German manufacturer Lightweight, and their new titanium exhaust system for the BMW M4.

Other features including a carbon fiber front air splitter and an adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, as well as a new brake system with enlarged pads.


(from LightWeight Press Release) STORM IS BACK – THE BMW LW M4 OF LIGHTWEIGHT

If the economy of weight is first of all when carrying out a tuning, the name of the firm LIGHTWEIGHT directly corresponds to this task. The enterprise of firm located in Mittenaar to the east of Herborn of the Hessen State mainly specializes in on the individual development and production of titanium exhaust system. All exhaust systems are produced by using modern CAD technology from specially alloyed titanium which exclusive right of use in Germany belongs only to LIGHTWEIGHT.

It is natural that the whole equipment park is on state-of-the-art technological level. The titanium as noble material is characterized by high resistance to corrosion, unusual durability and small weight and therefore concerning the price is noticeably above quotations of stainless steel.

In this case the LIGHTWEIGHT team under the leadership of the executive director of Marc MüLLER reduced the mass of BMW M4 Coupé and logically referred to as LW M4. For more performance is LW front spoiler blade responsible optionally available from visible carbon ore PE, stepless adjustable carbon rear wing, and a trump ace -the LW exhaust system inclusive. Valve control (is also in stainless steel available) as well as brake system with 4 piston saddles and endless brake pads on the serial discs at front and rear axle. By the way, a genial wheel and tyre combination from the RI-D rims of BBS in 9x19 Inches with Michelin PilotSportCup2 in 265/35-19 (VA), respectively in 10x19 Inches with 285/35-19 (HA), is combined with Bilstein Clubsport chassis. The engine of the bolide delivers super strong 520 hp (= 375 kW) and 650 Nm of maximum torque tug at the crankshaft.

It is also planned in the future to trim the LIGHTWEIGHT M4 more in direction of club sport. The safety cage, bucket seats with six point safety belts, one more considerable weight reduction, the adjustable front spoiler blade, carbon rear diffuser, a spoiler lip on the boot lid and an enclosed underbody are the appropriate measures for this goal.

The complete modification has a value of 89.000 euros!

For more information about this LEIGHTWEIGHT contact directly to

LIGHTWEIGHT Auspuffanlagen GmbH
Am Rosenboden 21
35756 Mittenaar
Telefon +49 (0) 27 72 / 64 61 97
Telefax +49 (0) 27 72 / 64 61 98
E-Mail info@lightweight-titanauspuffanlagen.de
Internet www.lightweight-performance.de

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