2014 Madchen & Motoren Opel GT



The fact that Hajo LEMKE for some time sold lifestyle clothing under the label of Mädchen & Motoren got around as far as possible. A look at the new website reveals the products offered in the shop. Another new feature is a connection to Facebook. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary - Opel GT construction year 2008 is presented as a kind of appetizer in the popular Mädchen & Motoren-classic-design. Expectations are high, since more vehicles should follow. In this case Mädchen & Motoren placed an emphasis on the cooperation partner „Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping“ from the Lower Rhine Kempen. The company Cam Shaft has conjured this foliation or remarkable composition on the body.

The body shell was completely stripped and all „unnecessary“ things were removed. For this, the body shell has been widened on both sides by 8 cm. A fibreglass cowl, the same hardtop, as well as front fender of own production reduce a ready-to-ride weight of the Opel GT to 1.150 kg. The engine - in the truest sense of the word - is a 6.2 litre Corvette LS3-engine with a hot cam, other valves and a carbon airbox. Thus, full 530 hp (= 390 kW) of power are at the free disposal. However, the production of a completely new wiring harness was necessary. Both exhaust manifolds and exhaust system are also own creations. Nevertheless, the built-in Tremec-gearbox TR-6060 originates from Corvette ZR1. The brake system is with 6-piston calipers in front, whose four rear, as well as Cup brake disks were taken from Porsche GT3 RS. The whole thing is combined with a KW Competition chassis. The wheel and tire combination consists entirely from 11x18 inch GT-Racing rims from ATS with 295/30 tires and Racelogic traction control.

The interior is equipped after the treatment with a welded FIA-safety cell. Sound system and air conditioning are victims of the weight saving. A pilot may place himself in a Pro Racer seat by Recaro, while a pole position of the same origin is installed on the passenger side. A point of honour is the fact that the red-white outer shell with appropriate labelling and yellowish headlamps contribute something to eye-catching image of the Opel GT.

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