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(from TMCars Press Release) TM concept30

TMCARS vehicle design studio (www.tmcars.hu) has presented the TM concept30 design study in 2012 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the BMW E30 series presentation. The study shows the modern form of the original design, and according to the plans envisioned the design could be produced as a bodykit with which any e30 coupe could be converted to a TM concept30.

After the presentation of the study every expectation was surpassed by the interest shown from all over the world. It lead to the decision of developing the project and creating the prototype which implements the small-scale production.

The TM concept30 prototype was presented at the AMTS exhibition in Budapest in march 2014.


As a design concept it reaches back to the BMW e30 because this car has a really good reputation even today, and many are still in use not only on roads but in different racing championships as well.

For the design the major task was to keep the original character of the e30 but make it an up-to-date car. Besides it is a study also on how BMW design could have evolved if they hadn't changed to 'flame surfacing' and the following evolution of the concave-convex styling of the cars. In fact, the TM concept30 follows the traditional 'german' school, where the lines are more logical and clearer. This can be seen all over the body, which has kept the three main character lines of the original e30: the shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets, and the body wideline inbetween, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge.

The TM concept30 features some clearly modern elements such as the enlarged front bumper intake or the restyled headlamps, where the classical two rounded DRL lights have been reshaped to two intersecting trapeziod LED stripes.

As mentioned before, the whole design is aimed to create a modern version of the e30 and to create a 'modern classic' with out-of-todays trends styling.


The prototype was created in 1,5 years, and all along the process the main consideration was to have maximum fidelity to the concept, to keep the design elements and styling as close to the concept as possible. It was also a main goal to ensure easy mounting of the whole bodykit and for each panel. Most of the panels are simply bolt on to the factory mounting points just as the original body panels, while for some panels it is necessary to cement or bolt them onto the original bodypanels (door panels, rear fenders ). A precise fit is guaranteed here as well as the inner surface of the bodykit panels are the exact negative copies of the original body surface.

The finished prototype is based on an '87 facelifted e30 coupe, on which - with the exception of the roof and the glass surfaces - every part has been replaced with a total of 12 main panels kit.

The result is a vehicle that has almost completely preserved the original character of the original design study, also in the details and as a whole. It can also be seen on the prototype that the bodykit functional, easy to use, and easy to install onto the donor vehicle.

The prototype created shows the 'street' version of the two available options, where the car preserved its original ride height, suspensions and wheel dimensions. This way we wanted to show how the kit itself changes the appereance of a donor vehicle without any further mechanical modifications.


Knowing that many people use their e30 based racecars in many championships still nowadays, the TM concept30 was created in two different versions: the street version keeps all the roof and the glasses of the original e30 coupe, and the wheel arches are designed for the original suspension with a slightly widened rim or with small spacers. The race version however keeps all windows of the original, but the C pillar is wider - just as on the original M3 - and the wheelarches can be custom-made for any suspension and wheel geometry that is used on the racecar. It is important to stress out that both versions were designed to comply with the IVA M1 category regulations, so they can be used on-road as well after the approval of the modifications*.

Parts and Pricing

As mentioned before, the whole kit consists of 12 main panels, while with all the smaller pieces the kit is made out of 30 pieces. The kit comes to the customers unpainted, with white gelcoat finish and 3 layers glass-fiber composite structure as standard. (On request different colour gelcoat finish, and more exotic materials - carbon, kevlar can be ordered.)

The full bodykit costs € 2.970,- and the lights set shown on the pictures can be ordered separately for € 800,- with Bi-Halogen main headlight.

There is an option also for fitting the bodykit in the workshop of TMCARS in Budapest, Hungary. The conversion takes about 2-3 days. Otherwise the whole kit can be shipped to the customer and since no mechanical modification is required on the original car to fit the bodykit (even the doorhandles, locks stay intact) it is an easy job for almos every owner to fit the kit and convert his e30 into a 'modern classic'.

For more information please contact the designer via email on tarnok@tmcars.hu or visit the website on www.tmcars.hu

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