2014 TopCar Mini Cooper Bully


(from TopCar Press Release) 2014 TopCar Mini Cooper Bully

In the first instance we have got around the problem of how to break the stereotype that MINI is mostly a girl car and convert it into a fierce ‘boyish’ car. TOPCAR has created a new aerodynamic body kit package for the car trying to implement the idea of an adventurous ‘blusterer’ into practice. This is the main reason to call the new body kit ‘Bully’

The elaborated car form obtains a new aggressive design of the front apron with the implemented daytime running lights. The original radiator grille is substituted with the sport aluminum grid. The rear bumper comes with a new diffuser. New side skirts add dashing and impetuous features to the profile of the car, while the extended wheel arches give the impression of wide basis.

This aerodynamic body kit package for MINI Cooper S R56 can also be adjusted to other MINI Cooper R56 model range by using MINI Cooper S bonnet and exhausting system instead the original ones. The specially designed forged wheels R18 give the finishing touch to the fresh exterior.

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