2014 Ugur Sahin Design Project F Concept Study


The 2014 Ugur Sahin Design Project F Concept Study

The stunning Project F Concept Study is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia and would have either the same mechanicals or represent a future evolution of this V8 model in the Ferrari lineup. The flowing lines of the Project F strike a balance between delicacy and strength, creating a harmonious design that is neither angular nor curvaceous, yet simultaneously both.

"The inspiration for the car mainly comes from the organic nature around us, this applies to almost all of my design. Many shapes, lines and surfaces try to imitate the organic nature in some way or another, as much as possible within technical terms." - Ugur Sahin

Ugur Sahin Design operates out of the Netherlands and specializes in automotive and industrial design, as well as 3D visualizations. Their firm was responsible for designing the limited production Anadi sports car unveiled at Top Marques in Monaco.

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