2014 Vilner Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent

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Italia Independent has finished off the exterior of the car in Matte Titanium, and added carbon fiber to the center console and steering wheel. The most visible changes, though, have been the bright red highlights throughout the interior, which culminate in an East Asian dragon embroidered on the rear of the front seats.


(from Vilner Press Release) 2014 Vilner Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent

Welcome to Milan!

We wish you a pleasant walk in "Zone 1", where the historic city center is located. There, you will certainly encounter the Brera - a small neighborhood called by natives "the area of ideas."

This is one of the most beautiful regions in Milan’s historic center. Here is the Accademia di Belle Arti or the Academy of Fine Arts. The editor’s office of Corriere della Sera finds itself also in Brera. Here you will encounter a true fashion boutiques as well as antique shops that have been covered with dust of Italian splendor.

Among other things, Brera is one of the most beautiful machines that Alfa Romeo has ever created. It has brilliant shapes and capricious but at the same time rewarding Italian engineering. This is a coupe designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, which leaves one speechless. But could it be made more beautiful? According to the designers of Italia Independent, the answer is yes.

They have created a special edition of Brera, which can be recognized by the typical paint - titanium mat. The wheels are reminiscent of motor rotors of a jet plane, and their color is black. Below them can be seen bloody red brake calipers with handwritten Alfa Romeo inscription.

Inside, Brera Italia Independent gets carbon fiber on the center console and steering wheel, red rings on the controls and contrasting red stitching. But can all this be developed even more and go a step further. Could this “nearly-a-masterpiece” become truly unique?

The designers at studio Vilner have already an answer. It contains a fine mixture of nappa leather, Alcantara and genuine snakeskin. They have also added more carbon, contrasting stitching in red, seat belts in the same color and embroidery that depicts East Asian dragon. As if they want to remind us of the voyages of Marco Polo...

Vilner however, did not dash out of the picture Italia Independent. On the contrary, the masters at the design studio have built on the work of the Italians. They have preserved the original ergonomic steering wheel, its carbon fiber elements and those on the center console. The engraved aluminum plates built into the headrests of the front seats were also kept.

But the details and accents in this Vilner’s project are much more. The seats have been visually reinforced by horizontal red stripes, which have been made of smooth nappa leather. They remind of the arteries, in which the temperamental blood of this Brera flows. Red belts complement this suggestion, just like the small accents on their locking mechanisms. Vilner’s therapy did not forget the door panels and they have received natural black leather with contrasting red stitching. The result is reinforced with the same red stripes made of smooth nappa which can also be seen on the seats.

Sit at the rear and take a look up. You will see that the ceiling is made of Alcantara and gives shelter to embroidery of a dragon. The same motif is located on the backs of the front seats. Focus on the middle part of the dashboard and the doors. Instead of the standard plastic strips, this Brera gets pure black snakeskin.

Beware! This car can be dangerous!

But before anything else, it's diabolically beautiful!

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