2014 Vorsteiner Range Rover Veritas


(from Vorsteiner Press Release) Stepping into a Symbol | Vorsteiner's Range Rover VERITAS

Imagine yourself in your most comfortable outfit, slipping on your favorite pair of shoes and going out for a spin down an empty highway. No matter what the season, dressing the part can mean having the perfect balance between smart and casual, or combining a traditional blend of elegance and sophistication. Vorsteiner's Range Rover Veritas is the embodiment of symbolic style, as she’ll take you on a thrilling drive in her favorite outfit, reminding you why you fell in love with the Range Rover in the first place.

Whether you see it as a capable sports utility vehicle or an elusive weekend family car, the Range Rover seldom needs improvement, but the Veritas’ slim fit, signature attitude reinvents a perfect car into an iconic version of itself. It is the very definition of practical, formal, and modern, yet still loyal to a tradition that all Range Rover enthusiasts will appreciate.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, treat your Range Rover to a comprehensive bespoke Veritas build service that includes custom leather upholstery, complete installation and paint services here at the Vorsteiner Headquarters.

Range Rover Veritas Features Full Carbon Fiber:

  • Front Bumper with Integrated PDC Sensors
  • Rear Bumper with Integrated PDC Sensors
  • Side Skirts

    Sport Race Forged VSR-163

  • Wheel Finish: Gloss Brushed Shadow
  • Wheel Size: 24x10J all around
  • Tire Size: 285/35/24 Pirelli Scorpion Zero

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