2014 Zenos E10


(from Zenos Press Release) Zenos Cars – A remarkable story in the making

Announced today is the launch of Zenos Cars, a new British sports car company co-founded by Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards, who previously were CEO and COO respectively of Caterham Cars. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and retail of ultra-lightweight and razor sharp handling sports cars; hardly surprising given the co-founders have spent most of their working careers at Lotus and Caterham Cars.

During Ali and Edwards’ time successfully leading Caterham through a recession and then taking it into F1, and prior to that their time at Lotus Cars, they have witnessed increasing vehicle weights, higher entry prices, escalating repair costs and distant customer relationships; all this leading to the demands of the true driving enthusiast being increasingly ignored. Zenos Cars intends to head-off this trend by delivering thrilling and engaging lightweight sports car experiences that go beyond simply driving a car; the driver, the customer, the enthusiast, the supporter will be at the heart of everything that it does.

Thanks to the 30 years of collective experience in the auto sector of the founders, delivering products, services and financial results which speak for themselves, a network of world class technical partners has been assembled to develop a range of Zenos products with outstanding performance and handling, yet with affordability – purchase and serviceability costs - firmly in mind. The first of 3 products in the Zenos portfolio – coded Project E10 - is presently in development and due for public launch early 2014. Prices and additional details will be announced nearer the launch.

E10 is a road legal track focused step-in two seater with Elise type proportions. A 200hp mid-mounted transverse naturally aspirated 2.0-litre Ford GDI engine drives the rear wheels. It has high revving benefits courtesy of an over square engine configuration and with variable cam timing delivers power and torque characteristics that are appropriate for both track and road use. A range of transmissions and final drives have also been selected to match the various outputs developed for the engine package. With a kerb weight of 650kg a power to weight ratio of 300hp per tonne has been achieved.

The low vehicle mass is achieved thanks to the integration of a single ‘backbone’ aluminium extrusion with a carbon composite tub; this architecture delivers significant torsional rigidity. By utilising recycled carbon fibre with a novel thermoplastic core the Zenos platform delivers world class mechanical efficiency without the production – and replacement – costs normally associated with carbon-based supercars. The final design of Project E10 remains under wraps but will be unveiled later this year.

Zenos Cars aims to carve out its own niche within a sector that has established players by focusing on developing products and services that are involving, uncomplicated and fun, whilst at the same time offering its owners unique access to a brand that foremost is passionate and inclusive about everything it does. It aims to be the most progressive and desirable lightweight sports car company, driven by experiences that will create, engage and excite an enviable club of Zenos owners.

Please visit www.zenoscars.com or contact Ansar Ali at +44 (0) 1953 859193 for more information.

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