2015 2M-Designs Porsche Macan

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This Bavarian company specializes in foil wraps, and here they display their work on the Porsche Macan. A Centurion Light Gray is used, with additional black, white, and red layers are added using a design co-developed with Stuttgart MTCHBX Designs. One standout aspect of the design is the rear strip linking the two taillights with a faded "Porsche" script.


(from 2M-Designs Press Release) TIGER IN sheep's clothing by 2M-DESIGNS

For those who are looking for a suitable protection for their car paint and find repaint as being a too final solution, they may feel in good hands at the Augsburg 2M-Designs company. Competent all around service concerning all kind of related to car wrapping questions is of highest priority for the team around managing director Marjan MAJIC – no matter, if mat, high polish, metallic, pearl effect, flip-flop or structure foils being used. Satisfied clients bringing more and more new costumers, also if the matter is in chip tuning, engine map optimization, hang-on parts or accessories, chassis or exhaust systems or else.

Now, the talk is of a Macan by Porsche, having become center of attention of the 2M-Designs crew. This car is smaller than the Cayenne. The name of Macan has its origins in the Indonesian language, meaning tiger. As one of the first exemplars of the delivered since 2014 Macan, this Porsche SUV may be admired actually „only“ because of its wrapping. But it is amazing in any case – performed in centurion light gray. The project highlight nevertheless is, without any doubt, the with a lot of effort simulated conjunction of the two rear lamps by several layers of different foils with integrated “Porsche” logo. By the way – this visual appearance has been made in co-operation with the Stuttgart MTCHBX Designs company.

The wrapping in centurion light gray costs 2,799 Euro, to be added the rear lamps optics for 349 Euro. Further design elements demand another 799 Euro. Above all that, 2M-Designs is actually developing a power improvement module, which is not exactly defined yet and will be available since February 01st 2015 for about 1,099 Euro.

For more information concerning this wrapped Porsche Macan please contact directly

Steinerne Furt 58 a
D/86167 Augsburg
phone 0177 / 176 73 92
e-mail folien@2m-designs.de
homepage www.2m-designs.de

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