2015 Delahaye USA Bugnaughty Boattail Speedster

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The 1930s was perhaps the most flamboyant and lyrical era in automotive design history. It was the sweet point where early attempts at aerodynamics replaced the relatively boxy forms of the previous decade, while retaining some of the openness from the early day of the automobile, with separate front and rear fenders. For a few brief years, a fascination with teardrop shapes left us with some of the most memorable cars ever create.

The Bugnaughty Speedster is a homage to many of these cars, and integrates those design themes on one vehicle. The fully enclosed pontoon fenders are derived from the 1935 Type 135 Figoni & Falaschi Delahaye. The steel grille is replica 1937 Type 57S Bugatti, and perched atop of it is a Hispano Suiza flying stork reproduction hood ornament. The boattail design is inspired by the Auburn Speedster. The tail lights are reversed 1937 Hudson hood ornaments, and the eight custom tailpipes are a flight of fancy that is fitting for the vehicle.

The Bugnaughty rides a rectangular steel fream with a 9 inch Ford Rear. An independent front suspension with coil over shocks and adjustable air shocks are used in the rear. Power comes form a 5 liter Ford V8.

There is generous use of kid glove leather throughout the car, but the most striking feature is the dash insert by Don Boeke that was inspired by Cubism. Their website is Delahaye USA and they have a Youtube video on the Bugnaughty here


2015 Delahaye USA Bugnaughty Boattail Speedster

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