2015 HPerformance Volkswagen Golf R32

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HPerformance has taken this MK4 Volkswagen Golf R32, a model series built from 2002-2005, and increased power in the 3.2 liter VR6 to a remarkable 550 hp. The additional power to the narrow angle V6 comes by way of an HPA EFR550 turbo kit. HPerformance added other performance options like a water cooled intake manifold and a new exhaust system with 90 mm tail pipes and valve control. The engine received new pistons and connecting rods to handle the additional power.

Other features include KW variant 2 coilovers and H&R stablizers front and rear, and rides a set of 19" HRE wheels.


(from HPerformance Press Release) GOLF R32 after POWER cure at HPERFORMANCE

Car optimization – a. o. cars out of the big Volkswagen family and Porsche cars – is self-made credo of the HPerformance Company at the Baden-Wuerttemberg city of Osterburken since many years. In the meantime, the offer contains more than only interventions into the car's software or even whole engine revisions. Recently, there was signed a cooperation agreement between the company's head Tobias HAEFNER and the HPA Motorsports company at the Canadian city of Langley, which makes HPerformance now an official HPA support point in Europe.

As kind of “startup” for this cooperation might be conceived a Golf R32, by which the fruitful collaboration has been sealed. On this vehicle, who ex works is everything else than even a child of sadness, have been made some changes. First, there was the HPerformance-own software. In combination with the HPA EFR550 turbo kit warranting for the brute power of 550 HP (= 404 kW) with 730 Nm of max. torque. For these aims, there have been reinforced piston and conrod while reducing compression. Furthermore, there has been installed a water chilled intake manifold. The air charge compression is variable by means of an electronically adjustable boost controller, thanks to which the above-mentioned power range may be even surpassed. The exhaust system with 90 mm end pipes and valve command comes again out of the company own arsenal, giving an abysmally deep sound. A set of HRE rims named FF01 in 8.5 x 19 inches all around with corresponding tiring are the link connecting car and road. Furthermore, there have been installed KW variant 2 coilovers and H&R stabilizers on front and rear axle. By the way, the front wings have been enlarged.

As to the rest, everything has been individually customized – also not all that was mentioned in this release – and especially adapted to the car by handiwork. The total price for this kind of modification reaches about 35,000 Euro. If this R32 conversion should be a proof of the beginning of a wonderful friendship between HPerformance and HPA-Motorsports, so we would wish this cooperation all the best for future …

For more information concerning this Golf R32 please contact directly
Owner + contact partner: Tobias HAEFNER
Silcherstrasse 29
D-74706 Osterburken
Phone: +49 (0)6291 / 648 76 01
E-mail: info@hperformance.de
Internet: http://www.hperformance.de

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