2015 JE Design Volkswagen Touareg 7P R-Line

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German tuner JE Design has announced their latest package for the Volkswagen SUV.

The body kit consists of a new front spoiler, radiator grille, flared wheel arches, a roof spoiler, and a rear diffusor, the latter still compatible with the factory trailer hitch. Wheel spacer plates complement the wider arches, and are 60 mm wider in front and 80 mm wider in the rear. An electronic lowering module is also fitted to the standard air suspension.

For additional performance, a new control unit increases power from 340 hp to 410 hp, and 590 lb-ft to a full 686 lb-ft.

The interior features a four-piece door sill panel in brushed stainless steel with the JE Design company logo.


(from JE Design Press Release) More power and style for Volkswagen's flagship SUV: Facelift version of the Touareg 7P R-Line customized by JE DESIGN

  • Body kit, performance enhancement and suspension lowering for an individual touch
  • Additional control unit gives the V8-TDI 410 hp and 930 Nm torque
  • Components for other variants of the facelifted Touareg in preparation

Now with extra modern elegance and luxury: VW has given its Touareg flagship SUV a further major revamp for the 2015 model year. And as if that wasn't enough, tuning specialist JE DESIGN has found even more scope for improvement. Increased power, suspension lowering and a complete aerodynamic kit for the R-Line version of the Touareg 7P 2015 make a real splash in terms of performance and individuality.

JE DESIGN is no stranger to the Touareg: based in Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, the company has been involved with the premium SUV ever since it first rolled off the assembly line in October 2002, offering an extensive range of tuning and styling components for every Touareg model to date. It comes as no surprise therefore that JE DESIGN has had a major hand in the emergence of the Touareg's latest incarnation. A complete body kit, consisting of radiator grille, front spoiler, wheel arch flares, roof spoiler and rear diffusor sets the Touareg 7P R-Line definitively apart from the crowd. The factory-fitted extendable trailer hitch can still be used despite the diffuser. The full kit costs 4,760 Euro. All components can also be used individually, although the wheel arch flares have to be fitted together with the front spoiler.

To complement the wider wheel arches, JE DESIGN offers wheel spacers and an electronic lowering module for the standard air suspension. The spacer plates (front 60, rear 80 mm per axle) cost 409 Euro and work best in combination with the JE 10x22 inch ET 55 "SUV-Select" wheels in matt black with matt silver front (complete wheel set with 295/30/R22 tires 2,990 Euro). The electronic lowering module costs 1,428 Euro.

Under the hood, a JE DESIGN additional control unit boosts the standard V8-TDI from 340 to 410 hp and 930 Nm torque (standard 800 Nm). The 2,399-Euro module comes with a two-year warranty on engine and transmission and accelerates the 0 to 100 km/h sprint by four tenths to 5.4 seconds. For an extra 595 Euro, you can add stainless steel twin tailpipes as a visual complement to the power boost.

And JE DESIGN has set its stamp on the interior too. A four-piece door sill panel set in brushed stainless steel with illuminated company logo in blue adds the perfect finishing touch to the R-Line SUV modification.

All JE DESIGN components for the 2015 VW Touareg 7P R-Line come with reports by an official inspection body. The aero kit also comes with a Swiss inspection certificate. All prices are inclusive of VAT, excluding mounting and painting. Components for other Touareg variants of the 7P generation are already in the pipeline.

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