2015 Kaege BMW M3

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The German tuner Kaege out of Stetten here showcases their work on the F80 M3 Sedan.

Engine power is increased to 517 hp from the previous 431 hp thanks to a new engine control module. The cost is €2799 and includes a 100,000 km/62,137 mile warranty.

For the suspension, Kaege optimized the existing system with KW springs which lowered the car by 20 mm. New performance swivel bearings improve grip and responsiveness.

For the interior, they have created their own carbon fiber seat backrests and headrest backings.


(from Kaege Automobile GmbH Press Release) “PERFORMANCE AT WORK” IN M3 by KAEGE

KAEGE GmbH in Rhineland-Palatinate Stetten is divided into two spheres- automobile and performance. The first area comprises the procurement and, if necessary, even (re-) import of new vehicles, auto service with authorized dealer quality and transparency, as well as vehicle and body construction. The second performance category includes in addition to power improvements all activities related to „tuning“, with impregnable intention to make a good thing even better. The implementation of the customers' automobile needs is definitely one of the passions of Roger KAEGE and his team.

This time the proband is a fifth-generation BMW M3. F80 is model description of the four-door sedan (actually manufacturer internal), Coupé und Cabriolet are called M4 and F82 or F83. Unusually, we start with the interior. KAEGE performance offers for the above models home-made carbon paneling for two backrests as well as neck supports of the absolute exclusivity. These carbon parts perfectly fit standard carbon interior and enhance it additionally. Moreover, installation is very simple, because the panels are simply glued on the original parts. The scope of sets’ supply amounts to 1.499 euro and includes two seat back covers, two panels for the rear neck supports and assembly adhesive. Anyone who would not want to carry out installation himself must plan 49 euro more.

M3 is moving on a wheel-tire combination of the best shaping: CH-R type BBS rims 9 x 20 inches in front and 10.5 x 20 inches at the back are equipped with Michelin Pilot Supersport in dimensions 255/30R20 or 285/30R20. 2.949 Euro is to be paid for this wheel set. In this context it should be noted that for reasons of driving dynamics „only“ 20 inches instead of 21 inches were installed.

Professional team from Stetten optimizes standard adjustable BMW-sports suspension by means of modification and appropriate adjustment of the axle geometry. Further, the team has installed in close cooperation with KW one of the thread spring sets, which provides more depth on the front axle by 20 mm and at the rear axle by 20 mm. Price: 599 Euro. In addition, KAEGE-performance swivel bearings on the left and right provide a fall of more than 2.5 degrees and thus, increasing the grip on the front axle and improving steering response. The set accounts for 799 euro. Assembly, adjustment and wheel alignment involve again 299 euro. By the way, wheel load setting option is recommended for the race track operation for 149 euro.

Concerning chassis setup, the team from Palatinate due to the close cooperation with KW offers variant 3 coilover suspension for 1.999 euro as well. This is recommended if no factory-made sports suspension is installed. Who wants more racetrack performance, should decide for KW-Clubsport-2-Way incl. support bearing for fall adjustment for 2.899 euro or KW-Clubsport-3-Way incl. support bearing for fall adjustment for 4.199 euro. Both were designed specifically for track drivers and enable camber values of more than 3 degrees. For assembly, adjustment and wheel alignment one should prepare further 349 euro. Again, optional wheel load setting for the race track operation for 149 Euro is recommended.

Finally, bolides performance improvement must be especially mentioned. New in the range is increased efficiency for the models M3 and M4 which was developed in cooperation with NoLimit: for engine S55B30 with series performance of 431 hp (= 317 kW) and 550 Nm full 517 hp (= 380 kW) and 700 Nm of torque were drawn out. KAEGE-performance gets out power by means of additional module. The module inclusive cable set is a plug&play solution. The performance improvement is installed including TüV- parts certificate and is 100 % „MADE IN GERMANY“. The price amounts to 2.799 euro with a two year guarantee up to100.000 km. Detailed consultation, installation (99 Đ•uro) and TüV- registration is possible on the premises.

All stated prices are quoted including the legal value added tax.

More information about BMW M3 is directly at:

KAEGE Automobile GmbH
Im Langgarten 2
67294 Stetten
Telephone: +49 (0)6355 / 3640
Fax: +49 (0)6355 / 3379
E-Mail: info@kaege.de
Internet: www.kaege.de

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