2015 mcchip-dkr Porsche 911 Turbo S

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German tuning specialist mcchip-dkr offers 3 stages of performance enhancement for the Porsche 991 Turbo S.

The first stage focuses on the software tuning that the firm is best known for, and which is enough to see a jump from 560 to 600 hp.

The second stage adds in a Capristo sports exhaust system with heat resistant exhaust valves with programmable CES-3 command and two handheld transmitters. This brings the car up to 620 hp.

The third stage includes the above plus a new turbocharging system producing 660 hp, a very high output from the Porsche's 3.8 liter horizontal-6.


(from mcchip-dkr Press Release) “Three-stage” Nine-eleven by MCCHIP-DKR

The mcchip-dkr company at Mechernich, south-west of Euskirchen, is renowned in Germany and abroad for its state-of-art chip tuning research and development center and the inextricably linked to it absolutely professional software tuning and further development for cars, lorries, agricultural and several other special vehicles.

A company own “project car” – no less than a Porsche 991 3.8 Turbo S with serial values of 560 HP (= 412 kW) and 700 Nm of max. torque and 318 kmph (197 mph) of Vmax, additionally with KW coilovers and wrapping in Breitung-Design – serves to show the three-stage mcchip-dkr power improvement philosophy.

On mcchip-dkr stage 1, “only” software optimizing is done, responsible for 600 HP (= 441 kW) with 820 Nm of max. torque and Vmax of 321 kmph (199 mph). Matter of expense: 3,499.00 Euro.

For 10,285.00 Euro mcchip-dkr offers besides software optimizing on stage 2 a Capristo sports exhaust system with 200-cells-cats and heat resistant exhaust valves. The latter are high gloss polished with programmable CES-3 command and two handheld transmitters, installation included into the above mentioned sum. Now, 620 wild horses (= 456 kW) are pawing the ground, with max. torque of 820 Nm and 322 kmph (200 mph) of Vmax.

The mcchip-dkr stage 3 offers besides corresponding software optimization and Capristo sports exhaust system (see stage 2) the exchange of the factory-made turbo charger against a professionally upgraded one with record breaking result of 660 HP (= 485 kW) with 850 Nm of maximal torque and Vmax of 328 kmph (203 mph). This demands another 17,259.00 Euro incl. recon turbo charger installation.

For more information concerning this “demo project car” please contact directly

mcchip-dkr GmbH & Co. KG
Christian-Schloemer-Ring 16
D-53894 Mechernich (-Obergartzem)
phone +49 22 56 / 95 69 69
e-mail dannykubasik@mcchip-dkr.com
internet www.mcchip-dkr.com

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