2015 Ruffer Performance Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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Ruffer Performance heads the European headquarters for Hennessey Performance, so it's only natural that when they decided to tune the Corvette Stingray, that they began with Hennessey parts, in this case the HPE700 upgrade. This consists of a supercharger with stainless steel intercooler, high flow cylinder heads, titan valves and reinforced valve springs, more aggressive camshaft, and a new intake with K&N Racing filter, and new injectors.

The next phase was some added touches including a new German exhaust, racing spark plugs, and a high performance oil cooling system to handle sustained trips on the Autobahn. They also did provided new engine software specifically for high speed European and German driving needs.

The net result is a 708 hp monster with a linear power band.

For the body, a number of modifications were made for improved airflow, including a front spoiler with air splitter, fender inserts and side skirts, and a rear spoiler and diffusor.


(from Ruffer Performance Press Release) Rüffer Performance Corvette C7 Stingray HPE700

With 708hp and maximum torque this Corvette does its name credit, and catapults the already factory good motorized 7th generation Corvette in the league of the supercars.

Since Guido Rüffer decided to optimize American cars, none of the vehicles have left his holy halls with less than 540hp.

Dodge Ram RP540, Ford Mustang, Jeep SRT8 RP600 and RP700, and as highlight, the Camaro RP1000, all got their substantial extra portion of power and torque.

Right from the start, Guido Rüffer used only the best tuner parts for American celebrities and took over the European headquarters for Hennessey performance.

Consequently, the newest creation of Rüffer Performance is the generation 7 Corvette, which is utilizing the newest technology such as, variable valve timing, direct injection, variable cylinder management and displacement pump, and the new LT1 V8 motor, which provides 466hp out of 6.2L.

To gain the extra performance the Hennessey HPE700 upgrade uses, a supercharger system, high performance stainless steel intercooler, stainless steel heat exchanger, high flow cylinder heads, titan-valves, reinforced valve springs and timing chain, HPE 700 sport camshaft, high performance Intake with K&N Racing filter, upgrade on the injection system including new injectors and a complete new motor mapping.

Not being satisfied, the engineers from Rüffer Performance took the Hennessey Kit and improved it to the needs of the European, and especially for the German market.

Besides a high performance stainless steel exhaust system “ Made in Germany”, racing spark plugs and a high performance oil cooling system, the specialists from Rüffer Perfomance developed a new motor mapping that meets the needs of European (especially the unique German) driving and gasoline needs.

The result is a 708 hp high performance power plant with a linear power output without any lacks in performance that can be controlled at any time. The Rüffer Performance C7 Stingray HPE700 is a super sports car on its own, which outperforms the stock version in all driving characteristics.

To communicate the performance also in a visual way, the engineers and technicians from Rüffer Performance developed a complete, sporty elegant looking body kit. A front spoiler including splitter, fender inserts, side skirts, rear spoiler, diffusor and air ducts on the rear are parts of that aerodynamic package that blends in, in the existing look of the vehicle, that makes it difficult to tell where the original ends and the body kit starts.

As an addition, compared to the stock version the Aerodynamic package improves the airflow, especially in higher speeds. Giving the car a better driving performance with that extra down force.

It is no coincidence that thee HPE700 has a yellow/ black color combination. This way the designers from Rüffer performance were able to emphasize some of the design characteristics.

In Mother Nature, yellow / black signals danger, that is, considering the performance of the HPE700, definitely the right choice.

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