2015 Torino Design ATS Wild Twelve Concept

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ATS, short for Automobili Turismo e Sport, is an Italian car manufacturer formed by famous names like Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini in the 1960s. Torino Design is a firm employing 60 automotive professional that has produced over 200 projects in the past decade. Together, they've created this new 848 hp hybrid supercar that can achieve a run from 0-62 mph in a mere 2.6 seconds, on its way up to a top speed of 242 mph.

Manufacture will take place at the old Bugatti factory in Campogalliano, Italy that was active in the mid-90s with the production of the EB110.


(from Torino Design Press Release) 2015 Torino Design ATS Wild Twelve Concept

Torino Design will be a key player at “Parco Valentino – Salone & Gran Premio” (Torino, 11-14 giugno) presenting in its stand a world premiere. The setting of the show will be the stunning environment of Valentino's Castle.

The concept car is the prototype of a high range Super Sport, fusion of style and performance. The car is targeted to limited series production and its brand will be revealed in conjunction with the starting of the kermesse.

Being 4.40m long, 2.0 m wide and 1.20m tall, the supercar developed and presented by Torino Design is the fruit of supreme innovation . The carbon fiber frame and the highly distinctive shape optimize the aerodynamics. Essential and harmonic, the design is avant -garde, showing elegant lines studied
to remain timeless and to represent its Italian soul at its best.

Consistent to the theme of a Super Sport, there is the aggressive 12 cylinder engine bursting out more than 800 horsepower. High performances and driving fun are guaranteed.

Through this car Torino Design, the dynamic company founded in 2006 by Roberto Piatti highlights the almost 10 years of activity, demonstration of a high “know how” focused on innovation. Thanks to the rich experiences materialized on the most important worlds market and for the main OEMs, Torino Design is today a strong reality that bonds creativity and efficiency, offering full range of services, always providing high quality deliverable.

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