2015 Toruk by Ugur Sahin Design

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Ugur Sahin Design has created a number of beautiful cars, such as his recent creation, the beautiful Project F, as well as earlier projects like the Alfa-Romeo 12C GTS, the Mallet Corvette, and the Soleil Motors Anadi.

Technical specifications on the new Toruk are not yet available. What we have to work with is the design, which is strikingly dynamic for a 4 door compact car. The organic shape features short overhangs, especially in the rear, combined with a curvaceous, organic shape. The car features suicide doors, likely similar to the freestyle doors on the Mazda RX-8. The rear door could only open when the front door did, overriding safety concerns, while offering easier entry and exit to the rear of the car

Toruk has an alliance of engineers and 9 companies that are supporting the project with parts and solutions.


(from Ugur Sahin Design Press Release) Toruk Electric Cars

The depletion of fossil fuels in the world and anyway their hazardous impacts on our environment has rapidly accelerated the demand for better cars that run on alternative energy sources; that made possible through the latest developments on the batteries. Whether lithium batteries or hydrogen cells; no doubt the future of the automobile will be efficiently electrically driven.

Toruk’s main motive is; to join the current technological advancement and accelerate the momentum to a more sustainable future.

Toruk Group is an alliance of engineers and UgurSahinDesign collaborating with sustainability in the center of thought. Be it organic materials or recycled, we are striving for a simple but powerful concept. Having this in mind, we are developing a good car that proves electric cars are not only sustainable but also affordable and appealing!

Electric cars from Toruk Group are engineered with an emphasis on performance and efficiency oriented around customer needs. We are reaching our users on our website www.torukcars.com; asking for their needs and ideas –at the end, we are doing it for them.

We are collecting dimensional, behavioral and visual data. According to some 1000 entries, today a Toruk driver is 28 years old, 184cm tall and weighs 77kg. Daily range of an average Toruk driver is 51km and she/he travels this distance with 70kms/h in average. This data is used from cabin design to battery optimization, simply in every development where applicable.

Naturally each phase of the development, prototyping and producing an electric car requires a lot of resources. As we constantly look for investors, we are moving ahead in the development slowly but surely. As well, we are growing through our risk sharing partners by expanding the network. As of today, there are nine key companies that are supporting the Toruk project by providing the battery, electric motor, electronic driver solutions and more.

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