2015 Vaeth Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG

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The stock GLA45 AMG already had one of the highest power outputs for its displacement of any production car, with 360 hp from a 2 liter inline-4. Vaeth has managed to bump up power to 446 hp. That is a remarkable 223 hp per liter.

Part of the performance increase is due to a new stainless steel exhaust system with valve control. Another feature for added performance and efficiency is the fuel cooler. Vaeth has also modified the engine software for maximum output.

Lowering springs reduce ride height by 30 mm on the 20" wheels.


(fromVaeth Press Release) GLA 45 AMG AS “V45” without any compromise by VAETH

It is well known that the very renowned and worldwide acting VAETH Company at Hösbach attends to tuning activities in fields of car and engine techniques with all that goes with. Also car veterans may be sure of the unlimited affection of the Bavarian professionals. Power uprating, exhaust systems, chassis, light alloy rims, carbon made aerodynamics and interior optimizing are the most current “starting points” for cars branded Mercedes-Benz.

This time “victim” is a representative of the relatively young Mercedes-Benz GLA-class, MB internal code X 156. The GLA 45 AMG model equipped with its own tuning with permanent all-wheel-drive cannot be distinctly classified either as SUV nor as a sportster. The VAETH team, in any case, has started to modify the engine electronics of the basic motorization of 360 HP (= 265 kW) V45. Now, impressing 395 HP (= 290 kW) of power with 485 Nm of torque and Vmax of 280 kmph (174 mph) come out of 1,991 cm³. 2,356.20 Euro being the price for this modification. At this place must be mentioned that VAETH offers also a power uprating kit V45RS with 446 HP (= 328 kW) of power and 539 Nm of max. torque. All prices upon request.

The ECE normed made of VA stainless steel down pipe device 270 EVO with 200 cells trimetal cat is responsible for five to eight percent of power plus. The price: 2,011.10 Euro. Followed by a likewise VA stainless steel made valve controlled axle back exhaust system with each one oval end pipe 110 x 90 mm on the right and on the left and crimped end pipe edges, demanding 3,439.10 Euro. For the GLA 45 AMG lowering by 30 mm with sportive and nevertheless comfortable, as well as sure lowering springs 452.20 Euro will appear on bill. The brake optimization with steel flex tubes, SRF racing brake fluid and the obligatory vehicle type approval is 464.10 Euro worth. Finally, the Hösbach crew gave the SUV with sportster character still a fuel cooler for 1,773.10 Euro, which VAETH anyway recommends all customers, who want to take special care on their car's engine. Thanks to the thus produced higher fuel density, the efficiency of the engine is being significantly increased, which on the other side enhances combustion and – at once – warrants for excellent exhaust gas values. Some enjoyable “collateral effects” are the lower fuel consumption, lower combustion chamber temperature and a more of power. The installed single part rims in 9.0 J x 20 inches, black, high gloss turned in front, amounts upon 2.975,00 Euro for the complete wheel set with tires together.

By the way, VAETH offers a gearbox oil cooler set for automatic gearbox for 1,249.50 Euro with mounting included. Furthermore, there are in preparation: a carbon made front spoiler lip, rear diffusor and trunk spoiler lip. Optionally, there are already available: a sports steering wheel in leather/leather design (on demand with carbon or noble wood applications) for 1,297.10 Euro, aluminum pedals for 178.50 Euro and – last not least – a set of black velvet foot mats, as much high quality as wear-resistant, with silver colored VAETH logo for 226.10 Euro.

Preferred terrain for this GLA 45 AMG V45 is the highway, surely. However, thanks to the 4MATIC, the car cuts also a fine figure in off road areas.

For more information concerning this GLA 45 AMG “V45” please contact directly

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