2015 Wheelsandmore McLaren 720 LT

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Wheelsandmore optimized the ECU software to bump power from the 666 to 710 hp (675 to 720 in metric hp, hence the naming). They also provided two different sets of wheels, the forged 6-spoke 6Sporz², and the forged 12-spoke FIWE. Both wheels are shown 20" in front and 21" in the rear.


(from Wheelsandmore Press Release) McLaren 720 LT by Wheelsandmore

Collecting or riding? Who owns who and who dares to the absolute limit, especially during acceleration and deceleration?

There are questions that can be answered only by yourself and there are answers to questions which won´t come along without luxury tuners such as Wheelsandmore...

One thing is for certain: The all new McLaren 675 LT isn´t available for loving words or money anymore and those who are part of the elite circle got some delicate upgrade options offered by Wheelsandmore to teach the meaning of fear to some renowned Southern European manufacturers.

Tuning icon Wheelsandmore offers 2 different forged wheel designs for the McLaren 675 LT. Both are coming sizing 9,5x20 inches front wearing 255/30/20 tires and 12,0x21 inches with ultrawide 325/25/21 tires. As well the classic filigree 6Sporz² wheeldesign as the ultra-modern concave designed F.I.W.E. ultralight forged wheel are suitable for the Mc Laren supersportscar. The 675 LT formally screems to one of those wheel package conversions.

With its modular construction the customer´s options about color and surface finish are nearly unlimited and even the center lock optics with the F.I.W.E. model can be finished accomodating the original logos.

As power sometimes can only be replaced by even more power and the aerodynamically perfect styled carbonsupersportscar offers just a few opportunities for further weight reduction and flow optimization, Wheelsandmore improves the performance just by classical software optimization, which can be combined with appropriate exhaust components, optionally with or without catalytic converters. Just with an electronic adjustment extraordinary 720 hp and 750 nm of torque were measured.

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