2015 Zolland Design Volvo Amazon Custom Wagon

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This beautiful custom begins with the Volvo Amazon Station Wagon and molds it into a two door custom. While the obvious comparison is with Volvo's beautiful P1800ES Sports Estate from 1972-1973, the design draws most of its inspiration from the 1955-1957 Chevrolet Nomad, especially with touches like the B-Pillar and the chrome strips on the rear tailgate.

The Amazon was built from 1956-1970, but it was more commonly known as the 120 Series outside of Sweden. The design was inspired by the pontoon styling of American cars of the early 1950s, though its platform was also used for the more svelte Volvo P1800 and P1800ES. Given its complex history, Zolland's design is not too far from something that might have been.

Bo Zolland can be reached at Zolland Design


2015 Zolland Design Volvo Amazon Custom Wagon

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