2016 Daehler Roding Roadster R1

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Roding Automobile's lightweight carbon fiber roadster derives its power from a 3 liter BMW 6-cylinder producing 340 hp. Enter Daehler, a company specializing in extracting more power from BMWs, and you have two new variants of the Roading Roadster.

The LS1 sees a performance jump to 408 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque.

The LS2 makes an even bigger jump to 450 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque.

Other changes made to handle the additional power include an optimized chassis, new tires, and a 6-piston brake system.

Engine Compartment

(from Daehler Press Release) Roding Roadster R1 as exclusive «däHLer competition line»

Based upon long years of experience and competence in fields of optimized BMW models and power uprated BMW engines, Daehler Design & Technik GmbH has found the matching answer for the absolutely exclusive Roding Roadster R1 as response to the specific needs of its clients in regard to a car with still more individual tuning.

The Roding Automobile GmbH Company at Roding in the Upper Palatinate (technologies company and manufacturer of the exclusive lightweight carbon fiber made sports car Roding Roadster in small-scale series founded in 2008) has invited the Daehler Design & Technik GmbH Company as development partner on board.

«Our Swiss partner Christoph Daehler brought along precious perceptions resulting out of long years of experience and practice, inspiring us for many new ideas, and supporting us to realize the imaginations of our clients in a more innovative and individual way», how Frank Berger, Roding's Chief sales manager, estimates the cooperation, which was the foundation for the Roding Roadster R1 in execution as «däHLer competition line». The absolutely exclusive car is matchless in the truest sense of the word, corresponding to the highest demands concerning performance, torque and, of course, also in fields of environmental protection. Furthermore in the frames of cooperation, the Swiss confederate team is responsible for chassis balancing and the wheel-tire-combination, and for the design consulting, as well. The latter led to a complete modification of the now harmonious front and rear part of the vehicle.

The development process of the Roding Roadster R1 «däHLer competition line» was influenced not only by modified design elements. There appeared also a 6-piston high performance brake system, more sumptuous tyring, optimized chassis and several optimizations of technical details, which have been taken over also for the basic model.

Thanks to the experience and competence of Daehler Design & Technik GmbH, gathered since many years in fields of power uprated BMW engines, the Roding mid engine sports car with carbon fiber chassis and 340 HP (=250 kW)/450 Nm as basic performance is available in two power uprating stages (LS):

  • In LS 1, the 6-cylinders M TwinPower Turbo in-line engine with 2.979 ccm of engine capacity renders 408 HP (=300 kW)/540 Nm with 300 kmph (186 mph) of Vmax or

  • 450 HP (= 331 kW)/620 Nm with 310 kmph (192 mph) of Vmax in LS 2 with N54 engine.

    Since nearly 20 years, meanwhile, the Daehler Design & Technik GmbH at Belp near Bern city stands for innovative techniques and precise highest level handicraft. The foundation to survive so many years on a dynamic market with hard competition challenges in permanence are real visions, top ideas, technical and high class workmanship, sales flair and a good part of perseverance and endurance. Every new day, Christoph Daehler and his highly qualified team prove again that this is possible with success.

    «Individuality on highest level», says owner Christoph Daehler: «That is craftsmanship, paired with technical know-how, accuracy and passion for detail – no matter, if ambitious modifications, individualization or service features. The works have to be done with most of care – always: ‹made by däHLer›».

    The precious know-how for components of own production allows client's service on highest level, because the handling of high-tech products demands high-grade carefulness and expertise. Before this background, mobility is elevated to art form – more precisely: «the art of mobility».

    For more details concerning this indeed very creative cooperation please contact directly

    Daehler Design & Technik GmbH
    CH-3123 Belp bei Bern
    Phone: +41 31 819 88 77
    Fax: +41 31 819 88 78
    E-mail: info@daehler.com
    Internet: http://www.daehler.com

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