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This new marque takes its name from Anthony Jannarelly, the designer who created the W Motors Lykan and Fenyr Supersport. The Dubai based firm is launching this new classically influenced roadster that weighs in at a mere 1565 lbs. One interesting feature of the Design-1 is that it manages to capture the long hood styling of classical sports cars while actually being a mid/rear engined design for optimal handling.

The weight is kept low thanks to a minimalist design and the use of carbon fiber and fiberglass body parts riding on steel tubular chassis with structural aluminum panels. There is stainless steel roll and side impact protection. Suspension includes double wishbones, lightweight alloy uprights, and outboard fully adjustable coil over dampers front and rear. It rides on 16" alloy rims, 225/50R16 front and 245/45R16 rear.

Power comes courtesy of a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 producing 304 hp and 274 lb-ft of torque, and is sent though a 6-speed transverse manusal transmission.

Production is limited to 30 cars, and the car is priced at $55,000.

Prototype Construction
Anthony Jannarelly And Frederic Juillot

(from Jannarelly Press Release) Jannarelly, a new car brand centered on automotive emotions, launches early 2016

A unique, high-performance, customizable sports car you can’t wait to play with. Track ready, lightweight, involving and rewarding to drive.

Dubai, December 16, 2015 - Anthony Jannarelly, designer of the W Motors Supercars and Frederic Juillot, owner of Equation Composite, a company specialized in carbon fiber parts, announced that they combined their skills and talent to create a new sports car called the Jannarelly Design-1.

Both passionate and owners of a Caterham and a Donkervoort respectively, they show a great admiration for classic car design with timeless lines as well as the essence of the 60’s motoring era.

The new brand, centered on automotive emotions is all about self-expression and creativity. Its whole purpose is to allow a great freedom in self-customization and pure performance. The first model takes inspiration from the universe of Petrolicious, Jay Leno's garage and Magnus Walker.

The pair began with a straightforward concept: A really simple and mechanical car with state-of-the-art components, that can be customized until it reflects its owner, in a pure outlaw spirit similar to the projects created by Porsche fans. Speaking of which, Ferdinand Porsche’s famous quote “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams so I built it myself” couldn’t be more apt for the duo.

A tribute to the 60’s

Both the Jannarelly's lines and its simple and flexible mechanical approach pay a reverential tribute to the golden age of the sports car, when design and technology were in perfect sync, generating organic, feminine lines, naturally modelled.

“The Jannarelly is a tribute to the golden age of sports cars for today's drivers” Anthony says. “It was conceived to be the start of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring: the thrill of driving and the emotion of owning a beautiful object expressing their very own self with the same free spirit taken from the golden age of sports cars”

The result is fresh and stunning.

The Jannarelly Design-1 brings together the best of two worlds: it is a keen mash-up of vintage lines, simple mechanics and modern materials that blend into a “car with a soul” as expressed by Anthony. As a designer intention, the Jannarelly is all about style, creativity and self-expression. A cool mechanical beauty that allows personalization and features simple lines celebrating the 50’s and 60’s but with modern reliability and regulations compliance on top.

The Jannarelly isn’t a car that will underline your status but one that will also reflect what you look like on the inside.

As for customization, “you can play with body parts, add a windscreen, change the back side, add a hard top and aerodynamic elements… possibilities are endless’ Frederic says. The more you play with it, the more you’ll express your personality. It is a car that you know from the start you will end up bonding with emotionally because of the time, care, creative effort and love you will put into it.”

Straightforward approach.

The Jannarelly Design-1 is a rear wheel drive 2-seater roadster with a steel tubular frame and structural aluminium panels for the chassis. It is fitted with a mid-rear V6 DOHC 24-valve engine. Most of the body is made out of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

A first series of 30 cars is expected to start delivering summer 2016 in accordance with the interest generated for the Jannarelly Design-1.

The two French passionate are currently putting the finishing touches to the first prototype that will be ready in early February in Dubai, where the friends reside, although they are looking to distributing it in Europe and the US.

They are also working on a line of beautiful design objects inspired by automotive emotions, dedicated to car enthusiasts and fine connoisseurs.

Call it passion!...

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