2016 TM Concept36

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The stylish TM Concept30 has proven a popular design package for the BMW E30 3 Series built from 1982-1993. Now, TM has come up with a more dynamic design for the E36 3 Series built from 1991 to 1999.

This design came about at the request of a racecar driver, so an emphasis was naturally placed on aerodynamic efficiency and downforce.

Up front, the Concept36 begins with a splitter integrated into the bumper. The large hood extends as far as the wheel arch, and comes off in one piece for easy access to the engine. The broken wheelarch itself forms an integral part of the design, giving it a race-ready look and integrating with the shoulder side seam. The sides feature a large vent behind the front wheel. The rocker/side skirt extends to the end of the door, where a more subtle version continues on the rear quarter panel. The rear of the car features a rear vent for the rear wheels, as well as a rear wing design with the EVO 3 M3 adjustable rear lip built into it.

The design can be had with the original BMW headlights or taillights, or custom made lights with LED stripes and Hella modular lenses available as bi-halogen or bi-LED.

At 3000-3500 euros, the kit is priced about the same as the TM30. Availability is expected sometime in 2016.


(from TMCars Press Release) TM concept36 by TMCARS

After the success of the TM concept30, the next logical step would be a bodykit for the next generation BMW 3-series, the e36 coupe. TMCARS had the luck that a racecar driver requested just this, a new bodykit for his e36 racing car. The result is the TM concept36.

Beign a drift and hillclimb racecar, the bodykit had to fulfill some requests: the client wanted to have as much aerodynamic efficiency as possible without major CFD simulations, thus pulling out the air from the wheeldrums on the back side, having a front splitter, a rear wing and a diffuser for increased downforce.

The overall design is further away from the original e36 design then it was in the case of the TM concept30, because in this case the goal was to create a modern looking racecar rather than a refreshed version of the original. The main character elements of the TM concept36 are the broken wheelarches, from where the major lines are born: on the front the characteristic shoulder line starts from the corner, while on the back, the rear wing is emerged from the edge starting at the corner of the wheelarch. The shoulder line is vanishing also into the wing surface to pronounce more the sportiness of the whole design and also to give more up-to-date feeling of it. As requested, the air is pulled out from the back of the wheels through as many opening as possible. The front splitter is integrated into the bumper, making it more robust. The rear wing brings back an old classic, the EVO 3 M3 adjustable rear lip integrated into the rear wing. As on the original, the lip can be adjusted from being part of the rear wing until pulled out to give better downforce.

The design features some practical elements as well. The body panels are separated unlike to usual: the hood comes off as one piece starting from the upper part of the wheels. This way the whole engine bay can be opened by taking off the hood and the front bumper. The rocker is also slightly unusual, since it is starting from the hood and runs around the door to the back bottom corner. The rear part of the rocker is part of the rear fender. The rear bumper is planned to be manufactured in three pieces, one center and two side elements, so in case of damage only one piece needs replacing. To give more freedom to the clients, the design can incorporate the original BMW headlights and taillights, but also custom made lights can be ordered to the kit with LED stripes and Hella modular lenses from Bi-Halogen to Bi-LED main units.

The manufacturing of the TM concept36 is taking place during the autumn and winter period. First CNC-milled foam parts will be created for the master-plug. After the completion of the plug the moulds can be manufactured. From the mould-set the production can begin, and the first set is planned to be installed in the sping of 2016 to do the final test runs before the new race season.

The bodykit is available on order for anyone around the world, the price range will be similar to the TM concept30 prices, about 3.000-3.500,- Euro for the standard glass-fiber composite panels with gelcoat finish. For any enquiries, please contact us via tarnok@tmcars.hu

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