Bugatti EB 118 Twilight--1024x768

Bugatti EB 118--Twilight--1024x768

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The Art of the Sports Car: The Greatest Designs of the Twentieth Century  Auto buffs will be in raptures over this lusciously illustrated history of the sports car. Adler, editor of Car Collector magazine, provides a highly detailed account of the evolution of small cars with big engines, recounting the travails of famous auto designers, the engineering and styling innovations they pioneered and the races and road rallies at which cars proved (and advertised) themselves.  It's a "high-speed tour" of the greatest sports cars in history, enthuses the famously car-collecting Leno, and while this volume is a kind of car porn, many of these machines are indeed beautiful enough to merit the term "art."  9 x 12 ½, 192 pages, numerous color pictures


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