DIXI 3/15


DIXI (latin for "I have spoken") was involved in the manufacturer of small cars from the period of 1904 through the late 20s.  In 1928, the parent company of DIXI, Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach A.G., was purchased by BMW, which used the DIXI as a springboard to begin the production of automobiles.  Prior to this, the company had been involved in the manufacture of airplane engines, railway brakes, motorcycle engines (1919), and ultimately their own motorcycle in 1923.

The DIXI name faded from view shortly after the BMW takeover.

(from BMW Press Release) The Dixi 3/15 PS was a licensed version of the successful British Austin Seven small car and, following the takeover of the Eisenach car factory, became BMW's very first four-wheeled model. It went into serial production in December 1927.


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