Ferrari Aurea by DGF Design

(text courtesy of DGF Design)  Ferrari Aurea arose from a graduation thesis with the support of Ferrari engineers.  The Aurea Project was born from the desire to place the F1 DNA on a normal car. With the teamwork of Ferrari's Product Engineers, the project saw a good deal of modification to become a sports car heir to the 360 Modena.

One of the major requests was to “dress” the engine-frame of the 360 Modena. The light changes made to the frame have been verified by a special calculating program (Straus) and compared with the original one. The development has been cured by three Ferrari’s engineers:

  • Amedeo Visconti: coordinating and homologation rules supervisor;
  • Luca Caldirola: external co-examiner who with engineer Stefano Carmassi (responsible for Enzo’s fluid dynamic) resolved the aerodynamics. 

    The formal and stylistic evolution went through hand rendering to study models to computer graphics models (Rhinoceros and 3d Studio Max).

    This has been, simply, the way of our project.

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