Ferrari Concept 2008 Design by Luca Serafini


(from Luca Serafini)  Ferrari concept 2008

After two year from Embolado concept: a new one.

Feeling the need to replace the 430, i started looking closer the classic Ferrari models.  It was important for me to reach in the new concept a path through the past.

Harmony and Proportions.
New kind of modern shapes to feel ancient emotions.  Something that is a little bit away from Ferrari design philosophy during these years.  I tried to suggest the real Ferrari mood.  I'm looking for a stage with AliasstudioTools to draw and mill a scaled model (1:4).

The design process is always the same.
Brainstorming - sketches - modelling - concept
Many people are good to follow and teach it. But less to finish it with success.

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