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(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) FERRARI WHEEL RIMS - JEWELS ON WHEELS

The substance of valuable collector vehicles should remain in general unaffected. So how does one protect his precious Ferrari rims? By „placing in the corner“the standard wheels as carefully as possible and having made custom rims for his dream-Ferrari. But where? First address for such a venture is the company SCHMIDT Revolution in Bad Segeberg. Immutability, for example, of Ferrari, is there followed; not a wrinkle is bent on the wheel arches, no extensions are installed and no Ferrari-chassis is exchanged as well. So the wheel manufacturer is requested to produce exactly fitting wheel widths and rim offsets, as well as „Quantities“of two front and two rear wheels. It is absolutely logical that there are no such wheelsets in the catalogue. In fact they are designed according to the customer requirements, customized and made as Prototype at SCHMIDT Revolution.

The assembly of such special design originated wheelsets hands over specialist firms to the wheel manufacturer SCHMIDT Revolution, which is prominent far beyond the borders of Bad Segeberg. Both Ferraris represented here were originated in spring of 2013 at WF-Tuning in Bad Waldsee due to the lead hand of Frank WEBER. The latter first discusses the objectives to be attained with the vehicle owner and then clarifies the feasibility with TüV.

Both Ferrari 360 and its „younger brother“ F575 have earned quite rightly a place in the automobile hall of fame and just for this reason hardly lose any value, it is undisputed not only in professional circles, which is why the both vehicles are more than interesting for admirers. While F360 built in the period from 1999 to 2005 in the versions Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari 360 Spider, F360 Challenge and Challenge Stradale was the best-selling sports car in the previous Ferrari history, according to factory specifications, F575, which was offered from 2002 to 2006, whose predecessor Ferrari 550 was called Maranello, from which 575 Modificato or simply 575 M originated had more cylinder capacity. There were also from it, in addition to Superamerica, more special models.

Both F360 and 575 M are equipped with a coil over. In both cases, the respective vehicle was screwed to the optimum height; it can always be adjusted back to standard tires, therefore making possible an easy conversion back of both vehicles in absolute original condition.

More information about both Ferraris – by the way, in any way limited to the Italian cult brand – directly at:

Schmidt Revolution GmbH
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