Ford Model A Coca Cola Pickup

The Model A Pickup coincided with the launch of the new Model A in 1928, although the body for the first two years was more or less that of the earlier Model T Runabout Pickup.  Closed cab pickups were not introduced until August, 1928.

In mid-1930, a new body style was introduced with wider fenders and a one-piece flat-folding windshield.

Body styles included the Sedan Delivery (also known as the Deluxe Delivery), Open Cab Pickup, Closed Cab Pickup, Panel Delivery, and Town Car Delivery.  The Closed Cab Pickup was by far the most popular, while the Town Car Delivery saw extremely limited production:  only 3 of them were built in 1930, the first year of their production, followed by an additional 196 manufactured in 1931, the final year of the Model A.

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