Ford Sinclair Rod Concept by Bo Zolland


(from Bo Zolland)  The body Lines have retained 1932 looking body pressings, and can be had with either the 40 deluxe or 32 style grille.

Audi 4.2 RS engine

6 sp manual

Weight 910 KG

GT3 brakes

Formula suspension

Carbon-aluminum chassis.

Blows away most sport cars on the road.

0-60 mph -  2.6 seconds
Top speed 205 mph.

Front and rear suspension is custom Formula car style with inboard shocks etc.

Brakes are 13 inch Baer

Dash is a 53 Studebaker-looking custom board with modern meters. Heater is installed as an option.
Underbody is flat with carbon panels

Weight 910 KG

Serious Wheels