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The R 230 series from Mercedes-Benz includes among others the SL 55 AMG variant. Since the launch of the almost legendary SL class in 1957 (!), more than 650.000 copies have been handed over in seven model series to customers worldwide up to the end of 2009.

Such SL 55 AMG model of the R 230 series that was already factory-subjected to a first facelift in 2005/2006, has been “modified” with premium foils and an extensive conversion to MOPF II – the second part of the model refinement – by, a firm from the Lower Saxony Hannover specializing in vehicle foiling . The crew around Darius Wallat has used a wide body aerodynamic kit by PRIOR-Design from their PD-Series named Widebody. An ingenious system of flowing lines and expressive curves boasts with an absolutely roadworthy tuning.

Now we come to the one and only touch point between the vehicle and the road: the wheel-tire combination. Rotiform rims, whose inner star was first powder coated in gloss black and then foiled in body color, with the dimensions of 10.5x20 inch at the front axle and 12.5x20 inch at the rear axle, have been fitted with appropriate tires with the dimensions of 265/30-20 and 325/25-20. A lowering kit also brings the SL a little closer to the asphalt and reduces the "unused" space in the wheel arches. And of course, the round-made window tinting can’t go without an almost humble 5% headlight tint. The original engine of the SL 55 AMG already comes with 500 horsepower, but the team of brings the V8 up once more with a software optimization to 548 hp. Another thing about the SL 65 AMG that’s worth to mention is the exhaust system including black glossy powder coated exhaust tips.

The highlight of this conversion is undoubtedly the magnificent full foliation – the main activity of the firm – with a PWF foil in yellow metallic mat. The total cost of this conversion is indeed stated with approximately 30.000 Euros, but in exchange you will get a unique piece of modern technology.

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