Lamborghini Gallardo

(from Lamborghini) Ferruccio Lamborghini - born under the zodiac sign of Taurus - when he founded the famous super car company, that since then bears his name, gave to it the symbol of the fighting bull. Later, when the Miura was introduced, he named the car after a famous bull's race, and this practice became a tradition for the House of the Bull. Honouring this tradition, the Management of Automobili Lamborghini have decided to baptize their latest model with the name of a fighting bull's breed: the Gallardo (pron.: ga:yàrdo). Most people probably are not aware that the origins of the fighting bull proceed from five main breeds, that is: Cabrera, Navarra, Vasqueña, Vistahermosa and Gallardo. Today, ninety percent of the fighting bull breeds proceed from Vistahermosa branch, with some exceptions, such as the Miura race - that comes from the Navarro - which is today the only breeding stock that maintains a pure origin. Another exception is the breeding race of "Partido de Resina" - that was called once of "Pablo Romero"-, that comes from the Gallardo race. Historically, these bulls have enjoyed a well-deserved fame of being the most beautiful specimen within the race.

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