MR Car Design BMW E46 M3 CSL


(from MR Car Design Press Release) ONE OF 1.383 E46 M3 CSL by REIL Performance

It’s not necessarily normal case but in the reality it happened before that the sole announcement of a limited edition with all its exotics of a shopping binge of that kind caused the result that before the delivery of the first exemplar it could be announced with pleasure: Sold out!

A lucky strike brought to the team of Marcel REIL of MR Car Design. i.e. the “daughter” REIL Performance in Erftstadt one piece of in total 1.383 vehicles of the limited edition BMW E46 M3 CSL, where the last three letters stand for, according to BMW, light weight construction of Coupé Sport. A light car body with a strong engine with unchanged engine displacement is the key to success. Doors and tailgates – as, by the way, other parts of Black Falcen – are made from very expensive, but with a strong resistant carbon and thus effectively contribute to the reduction of weight. The rear wing is originally from the Porsche GT3, side windows and rear window are made of Plexiglas. In connection with the body must be mentioned the Porsche Service Chrzanowski from the city of Langenfeld. The factory-made 360 HP (265 kW) from 3,2 liters of engine displacement is increased by REIL Performance to 391 HP (288 kW).

Species-appropriate exhaust system is also produced by MR Car Design. The wheels-tires combination of the special type combines rims from BBS Motorsport with Yokohama set of tires and for the chassis Bilstein is responsible. The brake system consisting of six pistons in the front and four in at the back that gets stucked into the grooved brake discs of Porsche GT3 are stifled with AX-cooling. The E46 M3 CSL is shrouded in dark blue color of CFC foil as the base and the strips of the same origin are presented in Bright Blue Metallic and Cherry Red. Thanks to Michael Hibgen and Patrick Barth from HplusB-Design, of the CFC-styling station in Monheim M3 has such a packing. Also in the interior REIL performance has nothing left to chance and installed a welded cage from company Cardiff.

Arranged in such a way BMW E46 M3 CSL exactly tips 1.260 kg on the scales and it’s good for a “Northern Loop” super time of 7:43 min. With these conditions the 130.000 euro reconstruction price completely moves to the background.

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