Opera Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster


(from Hamann Press Release)  Gullwing doors and engine tuning up to 718 hp / 528 kW maximum power and 1,120 Nm of maximum torque: Opera DESIGN turns the current Mercedes SL roadster into one of the world's most spectacular and most powerful sportscars.

Opera DESIGN developed a gullwing door conversion for the open Mercedes which doesn't only
fascinate with its extraordinary design but especially with its reasoned construction.

During the conversion the car's body front end and the windshield frame are reinforced. In addition
the aluminium doors of the SL are modified to make them swing upwards to the front on stainless
steel hinges, which are fixed above the Opera DESIGN sport side mirrors. The gullwing doors give
the two-seater car an extremely spectacular look.

In opened position the Opera DESIGN gullwing doors get supported by gas pressure shock
absorbers. Nevertheless the doors can be easily opened from inside and outside. In addition the
construction allows the subsequent use of the standard door locks. As a result the doors close as
precisely as on the standard car no matter whether the retractable hardtop is opened or closed.
The Opera DESIGN gullwing door conversion is available for all Mercedes SL models of the R 230

To live up to the exciting gullwing door design, Opera DESIGN provides performance tuning for all
motorizations of the Mercedes SL-Class. There is a wide range to choose from: The SL 350 can be
powered up from standard 245 hp / 180 kW to 300 hp / 220 kW at 6,200 rpm with the Opera

The normally aspirated V8 engine of the SL 500 can be tuned up in different stages. The program
contains the Opera DESIGN OP 330 and OP 360 performance kits and three different increased-
capacity engines in all up to the Opera DESIGN OP 60 engine with 420 hp / 309 kW and a
maximum torque of 620 Nm at 2,950 rpm only. After the conversion the two-seater car accelerates
in 5.2 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h and is 296 km/h fast.

The V8 supercharger engine of the SL 55 can be powered up to 560 hp / 412 kW with the Opera
DESIGN OP 560 SPORTKIT. Alternatively available is the Opera DESIGN OP 58 K increased
capacity engine, which delivers 620 hp / 456 kW and 800 Nm of maximum torque. With it the sprint
from 0 – 100 km/h only takes 4.2 seconds. After 12.2 seconds the roadster is 200 km/h fast.
Maximum speed is electronically restricted to 320 km/h.

Extra power is of course also available for the SL 600 top-of-the-line model: The Opera DESIGN
OP 610 SPORTKIT tunes up the V12 twin turbo engine to 610 hp / 448 kW and 980 Nm of
maximum torque.

Ultimate power is provided by the Opera DESIGN OP 60 BT increased-capacity engine. A special
crankshaft and bigger pistons increases the displacement to 5,921 cm³. In addition the cylinder-
heads and combustion chambers get modified and sport camshafts are installed. Above and
beyond the Opera DESIGN OP 60 BT engine is armed with bigger turbochargers, a likewise larger
intercooler and a high performance exhaust system including metal-bed catalysts.

The performance data of the engine and the road performances of the car are a class of its own:
With a maximum power of 718 hp / 528 kW and a maximum torque of 1,120 Nm, which is
electronically limited to 1,000 Nm out of consideration for the power transmission, the V12 Biturbo
roadster from Opera DESIGN catapults in 3.9 seconds from 0 – 100 km/h, in 11.2 seconds from 0
- 200 km/h and in 23.9 seconds from 0 – 300 km/h. Maximum speed is 340 km/h.

Vibrant sound is the forte of the Opera DESIGN sport exhaust system with four tailpipes, which is
available in different versions for all SL models. For the V8 of the SL 500 there are also available
stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

In addition Opera DESIGN gives the roadster a purebred Grand Prix look for the road: Opera
DESIGN has put particular emphasis on design elements which originate from Grand Prix sports.

The Opera DESIGN front spoiler, which is fixed on the standard bumper of the SL, doesn't only
give the face of the two-door car even more striking features: Its twin wing profile also minimizes
the lift on the front axle at high speeds.

The SL looks more stretched and lower with the Opera DESIGN side skirts which have integrated
aluminium fins as a special design feature. The retractable hardtop of the SL can be upgraded with
the Opera DESIGN clear-coated Carbon roof skin which gives the car even more racing flair.

The back of the SL can be upgraded with the Opera DESIGN rear panel with integrated diffuser
and the discreet Opera DESIGN rear wing which spans over the trunk lid. These components were
also designed to realize an optimal symbiosis from sporty styling and aerodynamic function.

The multi-piece Opera DESIGN OP5 light alloy wheels are available for all SL-Class models. The
five-spoke wheels with highly polished outside wells can be fitted in the dimensions 9Jx20 front
and 11Jx20 on the rear axle. The combination 255/30 ZR 20 and 315/25 ZR 20 was tested out to
be the optimal combination for the new SL.

To lower the SL 350 about 35 millimeters, Opera DESIGN offers progressive sport springs. The
ABC suspension of the bigger models can be modified with the Opera DESIGN electronic module,
which lowers the bodywork up to 30 millimeters at the touch of a button.

Opera DESIGN provides exclusive accessories for the SL cockpit like an ergonomically designed
airbag-sport-steering-wheel just like individual leather trims in biggest color variety.

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