Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler

Prowler Facts and Figures

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for 2002 Chrysler Prowler is $44,625, plus $775 for destination. A matching Prowler trailer is $5,075. Approximately 20 percent of all Prowlers are sold with a matching trailer.

Through November of 2001, more than 11,000 Prowlers have been sold.

Of total Prowlers sold, 1,530 were purple, 1,576 were yellow, 1,911 were black, 1,573 were red, 151 were black/red two-tone ("Woodward Edition"), 1,342 were silver, 163 were silver/black two-tone ("Black Tie Edition"), 1,039 were orange, 1,278 were Mulholland Blue and 616 were Inca Gold.

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