Porsche 911 996 Top Art Concept Design

(from Top Art) TOP ART AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN, Romania; designer Bogdan Urdea

The custom bodykit has brand-based inhouse design and top-tuners influences, mixed along with a personal touch. A new aggressive street based look, aiming to be more a comprehensive tuned serious facelift than a simple reinterpreted bodykit. Its main characteristics: flowing edges and curves, slick design continuing and enhancing its stock one of a kind shape.

Versions / interpretations:

Silver neutral

  • Orange “mission virtual to real plus”

  • Romanian police pursuit vehicle

  • Modifications:

    Front and rear spoilers redesigned, with aerodynamic extractor and diffuser

  • Side skirts, new rear wheel wings/arches for a better admission

  • New hood and rear aileron with direct air flow for the turbo intercoolers

  • Reshaped mirrors

  • Panoramic view thanks to the new roof top that integrates an extra carbon fiber direct air flow for the engine compartment

  • Vertical doors kit

  • All new elements made of carbon fiber

  • 20’ custom wheels (with Porsche logo integrated as design element for spokes)

  • Yokohama Advan tires

  • LED front signals/rear lights

  • Big brake kit, sport suspension, modified exhaust, upgraded engine specs

  • Interior changes based on carbon fiber/black leather with a new multimedia surround sound system (amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, central DVD screen and rear camera)

  • Serious Wheels