Porsche 959 Rally

(from Porsche Press Release)  The Porsche 959 with its electronically controlled all-wheel-drive and complex understructure technology adapted to driving conditions by regulating ground clearance and shock absorption. In 1985 the 959 won the Pharaoh Rally in Egypt, and in 1986 the extremely difficult Paris-Dakar Rally. The all-wheel-drive 911 had already won the Dakar Rally in 1984, which previously had only been open to cross-country cars and motorcycles. In the case of the 959, the front axle was driven via a controlled longitudinal clutch from the rear axle. The upper limit of the front axle driving torque was controlled through the longitudinal clutch so that over selective levers different programmes were activated adjusting the power distribution according to road conditions. This technology gave the 959 the decisive advantage that led to its triumph in the hot desert sand.


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