Porschette by Bo Zolland


(from Bo Zolland)  This is a heavily massaged VW Cabrio look alike that will be built for a client.

This car is a Porsche Carrera S of 2005 origin, but with vintage VW looks. Not one body panel is from the original car.

Its widened to fit Porsche original chassis, chopped, leaning front and front window, longer and massaged heavily in rear to accommodate the 3.6 L engine. The underbody has a almost invisible air diffusors and undercarriage is flat to reduce lift. Top speed is limited, but still in the 140-160 MPH range.

All original engine management is there, even navigation, but interior will be a modern/vinage blend. Instruments have old VW faces etc. The top will be a fixed cabrio look steel roof.



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