Rover Momentum by Pae White

(from Rover Press Release)  Rover Cars is taking an active part in the second Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park with 15 Rover 75s chosen as the ‘canvas’ by Pae White, one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Frieze commences today (Friday October 15) and Rover was approached to provide VIP chauffeuring facilities between Regents Park and the other Fair venues.

Pae White often uses graphics and decals in her works and she has produced a series of graphic treatments, unique to each vehicle, entitled ‘Rover Momentum’, using an interpretation of the dusks and dawns of the countries represented at the Fair. Her designs create a striking and dynamic ‘vehicle’ for the Fair as the vehicles move across London during the days of the exhibition.

The Fair will take place over four days (15-18 October) in a custom-designed facility in Regents Park, supported by complementary reviews and talks across the capital. Frieze is already the second biggest Contemporary Art Fair in the world. In its first year it attracted very positive PR and reviews, with a comprehensive range of exhibitors and a wide spectrum of celebrity visitors, from Damien Hirst to Hugh Grant.

The Rover cars are all Contemporary SE Saloons, so passengers will experience the highest quality and most contemporary execution of the Rover brand. Frieze has commissioned a number of artists to produce specific works for the fair, and will also exhibit a very broad range of other contemporary art.



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