Triumph TR8 Convertible

Triumph TR8 Convertible

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Triumph Sports Cars  Triumph Sports Cars recounts the colorful history of Triumph's successful sports cars, and includes coverage of technical development, promotions, racing, competition with other imports, and Triumph's ultimate decline under British Leyland.   8 ½ x 9, 96 pages, 80 color and 10 b&w pictures

Classic Cars (Illustrated Encyclopedia)  Excellent general resource and overview of classic cars from around the world. 9 x 7, 192 pages, many color pictures

Cars: A Celebration  Histories of 150 of the most famous cars ever produced are fully documented with over 1800 photos. But the most arresting features of the book are its size (nearly 600 pages), heft (6.5 lbs.), and quality (heavy, high-gloss paper with a sturdy binding). 9 ½ x 11 ½, 576 pages


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