VW Froggy

VW Froggy

Image Copyright Leonards F. Yankelovitch

Riga, Latvia


VW Beetle: The New Custom Handbook  Bursting with color, ideas, and advice for today's Beetle customizers! This book puts the emphasis on bodywork, and includes chapters on the Cal Look Beetle, German Look, Buggies, Roadsters and Bajas, Replicas and more. Packed with custom mods; tuning tips; drag, off-road, track and rally hop-ups. Contains useful tips to make your Beetle really go.  8 ½ x 11, 128 pages, 200 color photos

California Look VW  The story behind the most popular style ever to emerge from within the Volkswagen scene: the history, the people, the anecdotes, the events, the racing, the clubs, the cars and the legends. The author delves deep into the folklore of the Cal Look Beetle, talks with the founders of this cult and describes all noteworthy cars.  8 ½ x 12, 127 pages, 109 color and 125 b&w pictures

VW Beetle: Performance Handbook  Subtitled: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Engine, Transmission, Suspension and Brakes. Your Volkswagen Beetle is not only the worlds most popular car, but a favorite for those of you who cant wait to wrench out every ounce of performance and handling from your Bug. This detailed guide shows you how to upgrade your Bug for total performance and reliability.  8 ½ x 10 ½, 128 pages, 200 color and b&w photos

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